Welcome to Igloo Cafe!

Igloo Cafe is a tiny retro-Internet and retro-gaming community project, inspired in the ideals of the Tildeverse, SDF and on the old Internet ambience. Originally started in September 2020 as an experimental server for hosting tiny personal homepages for some friends, today seeks to be a place to make different projects and services based on our main purpose and to continue being a small community of people who seek to create or share the same interests as ours.

Members here can create and modify their homepages, contribute to our wiki, while any of our visitors can participate in our message board, play and explore our public ClassiCube server or having fun in some of our classic multiplayer gameservers. We also have a variety of other misc websites, services and random weird projects that you can find at the middle of the sidebar.

The design of this website is highly inspired on Penguin.CZ (aka Penguin Server) and on VectorStar Networks, an old free shell account provider created sometime in 1995 that sadly closed between 2007 and 2008.

If you are visiting this website from an older computer/browser that doesn't have support for modern CSS, please check our minimal version of this website written in HTML4 (works nice on RetroZilla) or better yet, our gopherhole.

Latest news

Igloo Arena servers currently down

Posted by ~gecko on April 08, 2024

The removal of "Services & Projects" forum category

Posted by ~gecko on April 03, 2024

The current and freezing status of Igloo Cafe

Posted by ~gecko on April 02, 2024

Sad news for the Sven Co-op 3.0 server (and other updates)

Posted by ~gecko on February 20, 2024

Important notice about our domain

Posted by ~gecko on January 25, 2024

Old hand-written HTML news are now archived and can be found here.

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