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Hello! I'm GeckoF and this is my tiny personal homepage (or "igloo") on the WWW. I already have a main website in (HTML5 warning) where I frequently update it with some stuff but I decided to reuse this space (yeah, once more) to make simple pages about things of my interest (like a blog but not at all) and also to make it friendly with old browsers (inspired mostly on HaydenW's homepage), keeping a basic early Web 1.0 design without so much CSS styling and JavaScript.

As you may have seen around, I'm the sysop and owner of Igloo Cafe (retro version), a small hobby community project started in September 2020 and inspired in the Tildeverse and SDF.

For now, this website is currently under construction, so please come back later!

This website is also accessible from the ucanet DNS through the domains and (both of them doesn't have HTTPS enabled).

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If you like the pages I have written here or have found them helpful, feel free to also support me with a donation to Igloo Cafe, the server where I maintain this website and other projects.

Last updated: March 27, 2024